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Zeolite Powder | 100% Pure Natural Mineral | Clinoptilolite | Heavy Metal Detox | Chelation

Zeolite Powder | 100% Pure Natural Mineral | Clinoptilolite | Heavy Metal Detox | Chelation

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Zeolite Powder | 100% Pure Natural Mineral | Clinoptilolite | Heavy Metal Detox | Chelation 

No Additives, No Fillers, No Binders.

Available in 2oz and 4oz glass amber jars. Our metal caps are coated.
** plastic spoon, not included **

100% Pure Natural Zeolites

Common Usages for Zeolites:

  • Detoxification
  • Helps to trap and remove toxins, heavy metals, and harmful chemicals from the body
  • Skincare products

Zeolites is a family of natural minerals formed over millions of years through the chemical reaction between volcanic ash and seawater. It has a honeycomb-like structure, giving it a large surface area and enabling it to act like a molecular sieve. This structure is negatively charged and allows zeolite to attract and bind with positively charged particles, such as heavy metals, toxins, and harmful chemicals, such as.

  • aluminum
  • arsenic
  • barium
  • cadmium
  • cesium
  • lead
  • mercury
  • nickel
  • Thallium
  • Tungsten

Zeolites is used for a multitude of applications, both in industrial and health contexts. Industrially, zeolites are used for water purification, as catalysts in chemical reactions, and in agriculture. Health wise, zeolites are primarily known for their detoxification properties and the ability to trap and remove toxins, heavy metals, and harmful chemicals from the body. Zeolites are also typically found in skincare products. Zeolite also works to support the immune system by removing toxins from the body. Zeolites remove toxins from the gut and digestive system as well, promoting digestive health.

Recommended Dosage:

The Conventional Approach:

Typically, it's advisable to initiate supplementation with a cautious mindset, commencing with minimal doses and gradually increasing them. This approach is especially prudent with most supplements to mitigate the risk of adverse reactions or unexpected detox responses. Individuals prone to heightened sensitivities, such as those within the Lyme/mold/MCAS spectrum, particularly benefit from this method due to their propensity for robust reactions to new supplements.

The Zeolite Paradigm:

Contrary to the conventional approach, the "start low and slow" strategy doesn't apply to zeolite; in fact, it can pose risks. Lower doses of zeolite may trigger detox reactions and the redistribution of toxins within the body. Surprisingly, if detox reactions occur upon zeolite consumption, opting for a higher dose is recommended. Higher doses lessen the likelihood of detox reactions and toxin redistribution. This explains why liquid zeolite products often induce detox reactions, whereas high-dose zeolite powders typically do not. While some may interpret detox reactions as a sign of efficacy, they signify the need for a substantially higher dose. Utilizing a premium zeolite powder can expedite results and alleviate detox reactions, even in sensitive individuals.

Elucidating the Dosage Dynamics:

Three primary reasons underpin the safety and efficacy of higher zeolite doses compared to lower ones:

  1. Affinity Levels: Zeolite's potent negative charge attracts positively charged molecules, such as toxins like heavy metals, radiation, and pesticides. However, zeolite exhibits varying affinities for different toxins. For instance, it has a stronger affinity for lead than for mercury. Consequently, if a lower zeolite dose is taken, the mercury may be redistributed, potentially triggering detox reactions. Consuming a higher zeolite dose ensures ample zeolite availability to capture dropped toxins, averting detox reactions.
  2. Gut Presence of Zeolite: The size of zeolite particles is crucial. While some products boast small particle sizes, they may lack the capability to capture toxins in the gut. Our zeolite encompasses a spectrum of particle sizes, ensuring comprehensive detoxification. Smaller particles infiltrate the bloodstream for cellular detoxification, while larger particles remain in the digestive tract to bind toxins. Thus, higher zeolite doses leave more large particles in the gut, enhancing toxin-binding capacity and reducing detox reactions.
  3. Disruption of Biofilms: Toxic elements often congregate within biofilms in the body. Zeolite possesses the remarkable ability to rupture these biofilms. However, while a low zeolite dose is sufficient to disrupt biofilms, a higher dose is required to capture all released toxins. Inadequate zeolite doses may result in toxin redistribution within the body, precipitating detox symptoms.

By understanding these dosage dynamics, individuals can optimize zeolite supplementation for enhanced safety and efficacy in detoxification endeavors.

General dose 12 capsules or 10 grams per day taken all at once.

Maintenance dosage for healthy individuals: 6 capsules or 5grams per day taken all at once.

Someone not as healthy: 12-36 capsules or 10-30 grams per day taken all at once.


Side Effects:

Zeolites are typically safe for the majority of people. If one is overexposed to zeolites, they may cause local irritation or alter the ionic composition, pH and buffering capacity of the gastrointestinal tract.

Understanding Detox Symptoms:

Detoxification, the process of eliminating toxins from the body, is a vital aspect of maintaining overall health and well-being. However, as the body rids itself of accumulated toxins, individuals may experience a range of symptoms known as detox symptoms. These symptoms are typically transient and serve as indicators that the body is undergoing a cleansing process.

Common Detox Symptoms:

  1. Fatigue: Feeling unusually tired or lethargic is a common detox symptom as the body redirects energy resources towards the detoxification process.

  2. Headaches: Some individuals may experience headaches or migraines as the body eliminates toxins, especially if they were previously dependent on substances like caffeine or sugar.

  3. Digestive Issues: Detoxification can disrupt the balance of gut bacteria, leading to symptoms such as bloating, gas, diarrhea, or constipation.

  4. Skin Breakouts: The skin is a major detoxification organ, and as toxins are expelled from the body, they can manifest as acne, rashes, or other skin irritations.

  5. Muscle Aches: Muscle soreness or aches may occur as the body releases stored toxins, especially if there is an increase in physical activity during the detox process.

  6. Changes in Mood: Detoxification can affect neurotransmitter levels, leading to mood swings, irritability, anxiety, or depression in some individuals.

  7. Flu-like Symptoms: Symptoms resembling a mild flu, such as fever, chills, or congestion, may occur as the body eliminates toxins through various channels, including the respiratory system.

  8. Dry Mouth: effects of zeolite is working and you need to drink more water to stay hydrated.

Managing Detox Symptoms:

While detox symptoms can be uncomfortable, they are typically short-lived and indicate that the body is responding to the detoxification process. To alleviate symptoms and support the body during detox:

  • Stay Hydrated: Drink plenty of water to help flush out toxins and support overall hydration.
  • Eat Nutrient-Dense Foods: Focus on a balanced diet rich in fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and lean proteins to provide essential nutrients and support detoxification.
  • Practice Gentle Exercise: Engage in light exercise, such as walking, yoga, or swimming, to promote circulation and lymphatic drainage.
  • Get Adequate Rest: Allow your body to rest and recuperate by prioritizing sleep and relaxation.
  • Consider Supportive Therapies: Incorporate detox-supportive therapies such as sauna sessions, dry brushing, or massage to enhance the elimination of toxins from the body.


Detox symptoms are a natural part of the body's cleansing process and typically indicate that the detoxification efforts are underway. By understanding and managing these symptoms, individuals can support their bodies in achieving optimal health and vitality. If detox symptoms persist or worsen, it's advisable to consult with a healthcare professional for personalized guidance and support.

As is the case with taking any supplement while you are pregnant or breastfeeding or taking medication, you should always consult with your healthcare professional prior to usage.

This information has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.
This information is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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